MonAmi Note Desktop


MonAmi Note Desktop is a simple and robust note management application. It follows markdown standard and works cross-platform. Notes are plainly structured and organized. It provides multiple edit modes for users with different preference.



MonAmi Note Desktop works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it looks and behaves the same across the platform.

Local storage

Notes are stored on local computer, so you can work offline

Quick jotdown

You can quickly jot down on journal; do not worry about navigating first to the ideal folder location.

Markdown open standard

MonAmi Note follows Markdown open standard. You can write notes much faster and you are not stuck with proprietary format.

Robust organization with folders and tags

MonAmi Note supports tags, hierarchical folders and multiple books for robust organization.

Organization of notes is just like file system that you are already familiar with. Each note (think of file) belongs to a folder (as folder in file system), which belongs to a book (drive). Multiple books can be created in a room, just like multiple drives can exist in a computer.

Hide sensitive data with stealth folders

Stealth folders and notes stay invisible from prying eyes until you activate with folder key. There is no visual indication that stealth folders even exist at all.

Intuitive user interface

MonAmi Note has familiar 3-pane look (folder tree - notes list - note content), similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder

Pick edit mode you like

You can edit note in three different modes:

  • Markdown: this is the fastest mode since you are using only keyboard.
  • WYSIWYG: you will be most comfortable in this mode if you prefer working in typical word processing softwares.
  • side-by-side: this mode is the best of both worlds and shows above two in split side-by-side window.

Fast search as-you-type

Each keystroke refreshes search result as you type. You can set search boundaries, folder/book/room. You type "hay nee" and search will find notes containing "needle in haystack".


You will be downloading trial version which is limited in terms of maximum notes you can create. You can buy standard license from within app for $9.99.
Download Windows Download Mac Download Linux

How to run

  • Windows: run downloaded setup file.
  • Mac: open downloaded dmg and move app to application folder. If you see "...unidentified developer" message, go to System Preference -> General tab and allow app to run
  • Linux: make downloaded file executable and run it. See here for more info